what do you do with all that milk?

We keep a fairly informal log of Isabel’s output, and a tally of what we do with it.  Here is one week of winter milking:

1/23:   3 3/4 gal.    3 1/2 gal mozz.   3# butter      3 gal. whey, 1 gal. buttermilk

1/24:   3 3/4 gal.      1 1/2 gal. yogurt

1/25:   4 gal.       2 1/2 # butter   3 qt. buttermilk

1/26:   3 3/4

1/27:   4 gal.      3 1/2 gal. mozz.      2# butter   3 gal. whey, 3 qt. b’milk

1/28:   4 1/4 gal.     1 1/4 gal. yogurt      1/2 gal. sour cream

1/29:   4 gal.

This entry is not exhastive; we sometimes forget to enter things.  Whey and buttermilk go a long way toward feeding the pigs, chickens, and cats.  We drink about 1 1/2 – 2 gallons of  milk a day, and, yes, we do eat all that butter and cheese.  Any milk we can’t use — say, in spring and summer, when we are getting about eight gallons a day — we start steers on, and either eat the steers ourselves, or sell them to our grass-fed beef customers.

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