‘taint spring yet

   But it’s trying to get there.  The rain last week washed away all the snow, for a while;  it also nearly washed away one of our drain pipes, and had Beth crawling into a blocked culvert that was overflowing on Jeddo’s run, to see if any of her children had been washed in there and plugged up the pipe.  Her imagination tends that way; at least the boys got a good laugh out of it. 

   We got another couple of gallons of syrup last week.  If we were sedulous about checking the buckets, there would be more syrup, but we have to compromise between farm and schoolwork, outdoor and indoor, Euclid and Ford F-150’s, so we lose some sap.  Snow fell again today, so we should get another flow when the weather warms again.  We keep this up until the sap gets cloudy, or until other things crowd it out.

   The warm weather means Isabel gives us about four gallons a day,  a half gallon more than in extremely cold weather.  Anticipating the day when we dry her off before she calves, giving her a six-week rest period, we are making lots of mozzarella and butter to put in the freezer, and freezing buttermilk in ice cube trays, then bagging the cubes, since the turkey poults will arrive after Isabel is dry and we will need raw milk to stave off coccidiosis. 

   S-6 is lying on my computer arm to tell me it’s time to nurse and go to bed.  Goodnight.

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