The housework got postponed, as so often happens, and instead of cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming, we went to a farm auction today.  We nearly got run over by someone driving much too fast with a load of scrap metal, but lived to arrive at the farm in question, and bid on much of what interested, almost all of which went MUCH too high for our wallets, but it was enjoyable and interesting nonetheless.  We’ll make, or make do without, the tools we went there to buy.  The farm itself went for a price much lower than we had expected, and we plan to attend more auctions and see if this is a trend. 

   We came home to plant the rest of the potatoes, and now we’ve decided we need to plant some more.  One of the many experiments in sustainability and low-input farming that we intend to conduct, is to see if we can raise enough potatoes to replace the grain in our pigs’ diet.  If last year’s crop of potatoes is what we can expect on a regular basis, the answer is “yes”.  And if generations of Irishmen could survive on potatoes and milk, why not pigs too?  Milk we have in plenty, with only a little purchased grain in Isabel’s diet (another goal; cut out the grain in the cow’s diet), and potatoes are easy to grow.  How would you like to enjoy your sausage, ham, and bacon, to the tune of twenty cents per pound?  That, if our mental math doesn’t err, would be the cost of two-hundred fifty pounds of pork at fifty dollars the piglet.

   Ohio weather is still rather wet.  We defied the mud to plant the potatoes when we got home from the auction; sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.  Otherwise the potatoes don’t get planted.  We also did the vacuuming, belated, and washed a bunch of laundry, and did all the chores that don’t go away whatever you do.

   Good night.