farm business

May 31:

   Shawn and S-3 went to Gause to order sickle bar parts this morning early.  The brake line on the van is bad, and S-2’s car in the shop, so we didn’t make it to daily mass.  The guys got out early to clean out the big barn loft, got the truck stuck and unstuck, and Mom weeded the onion patch while the girls hung laundry.  After lunch S-2 went up to rake while all the other guys took down the big elm behind the tower.  It was long dead, the wood very sound, and it made a tremendous crash.  Mom thought it must have hit S-1’s barn, but all was well, and by four-thirty they had hauled most of it to the barnyard gate.  Mom and S-5, meanwhile, were putting foundation in super frames, preparatory to working hives, but the hay was dry, and everyone went up to bale and pick up hay.  Seems like we got about one hundred twenty-five off the lower half of Barry’s front field.  We ate sandwiches in the field, and the upper-field hay was too wet, so we were home about eight-thirty and Mom trimmed the perennial border until dark.

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