social events

We canned a few more quarts of sauce today, worked on the barn, and cut back the overgrown plants in the perennial borders.  We are hosting a wedding shower tomorrow, so we made two cheesecakes – with bought cream cheese, since the calves are still getting four of Isabel’s five and a half gallons a day – and a batch of baguettes.  Entertaining this time of year means that jars of salsa, green beans, pickles, and red sauce will be part of the décor, and boots in pairs on the porch, wheelbarrow parked on the walk, and rake leaning against the fence may also serve as accent and decoration.  I don’t suppose anyone else will care if we don’t.

About half of the corn has been harvested at this point.  We already commented on the fact that many stalks had no ears; so far we have only put up about eighteen pounds of frozen corn.  The stalks are still green and fresh, so we cut or pull a dozen or so every day for Isabel and the spring calf, and another half dozen for the four summer calves, who are still on buckets and too small to eat much forage.  The immature pumpkins we took out of the garden are broken up and offered to Isabel in limited quantities, so as to avoid disturbing her digestion with any sudden change.  She likes them, as well as the corn stalks, and with the late summer pasture being rather coarse and weedy, they probably provide a welcome variety to her diet.

The father went up the hill to disk the newly turned sod in the garden at the Sisters’ of the Sorrowful Mother, but David was not there to approve the loan, so we put it off for another day – probably tomorrow, to get Shawn out of the house when the shower guests arrive.  The boys have already made a plan to be at the fair for the duration of that social event.  They are all allergic to hen parties.  Mom and the girls, on the other hand, are all for them.

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