Friday, December 2:

   Hooray for Mr. Coleman!  We have begun to enjoy our planted-for-winter-harvest carrots and lettuces and they are excellent.  Winter gardening is like rotational grazing in at least one respect; it is better to do it badly than not to do it at all.  Even though we got poor germination when we planted them in the summer, there is quite a lot of produce out there, and we have high hopes that it will last us into April, when the early lettuce should take over.

   Today, our second in the field, S-4 bagged a six-point buck, about #140 before field dressing.  S-3 spotted the fox (he of ill fame) but forebore to shoot him because it is deer season and the woods are full of hunters, legitemate and otherwise.  He was, one, unwilling to scare away any deer that were coming his way, and, two, unsure what the game laws dictate with regards foxes.  Mom was incensed; she won’t sleep well until she has a fox fur collar on her Carhartt jacket.  Three sons took turns hauling in the dressed carcase, and it is hanging in the garage waiting for tomorrow to be turned into jerkey.  The timing is a little awkward, as tomorrow was the day we had set aside to shoot and split a two-year-old steer, but, gather ye rosebuds while ye may.