Sunday, April 29:

The promised rain does not materialize.  Only enough moisture to wet the grass, no more, raindrops you could count on the rocks of the path in front of the house.  Nevertheless, our water is holding out, thanks to the waterhogs that catch roof runoff from the garage and the white barn, and especially thanks to the improved seep in the north pasture which fills a two-hundred seventy-five gallon IBC in less than twenty-four hours.  Even the seep at the bottom of the pasture, which in this dry weather is barely more than a drip, fills a small stock tank in just a few hours.  It is a lesson in the efficacy of frugality.

We are forced to water the onions every other day, a task which helps us remember the two new apple trees which must also be watered.  Regular watering, our Amish nurseryman reminded us, is the single most important factor when one is transplanting trees.  The new trees are a Golden Delicious and a Yellow Ginger, two varieties being necessary for pollination.  We took the opportunity of being in Holmes County to buy garden supplies from a small mail order house there and to buy the bulk supplies we usually have to send to PA for.