eschatology and scatology

Tuesday, May 8:

The young friar celebrating mass at the monastery this morning declared that a religious vocation, with its renunciation of merely worldly satisfactions, only made sense if one took an eschatological view.  When I got home I looked it up.  It turns out that ‘eschatology’ has no etymological relationship to ‘scatology’, unless you consider the phrase “end things”.  But if you think of eschatology as the consideration of a thing in light of its final end or purpose, it is an appropriate study for the farmer, in fact for anyone in the position of steward, as having responsibility for something only temporarily entrusted to him.  We modern farmers should consider eschatology equally with scatology if we mean to work an improvement on the methods of husbandry today.

So much for our liberal education, this is philosophy for the farmer.

One thought on “eschatology and scatology

  1. Or, you could look at the contextual meaning of eschatology wrt the Bible. Scholars would tell you that it comes from the Greek eschaton, meaning “last thing” iow those prophetical events which will come towards the last of prophesied events. I suppose “end” might be appropriate if referred to in the temporal sense and not in a physical item.

    Just my $.02

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