excerpt from our day book:

While we were contemplating this Big Pain (unrelated farming issue), Baby Belle ran herself up against the corner of the duck house roof which should have been bent under but somehow never had been, and made a neat ten-inch gash across her ribs, all the way through skin and subcutaneous fat.  The thing could open and close like a lady’s pocket book.

And we can’t find the suture kit.

Why are we doing this (farming)?  Do we just like to burn money?  — and create messy problems for ourselves?

Sewing needles, we are now in a position to declare, are not sufficiently strong or sharp to pierce thick cowhides for suturing.   And leather needles, while strong enough, are made to be used on inert cured cowhides, not warm kicking ones.  Whether the use of dental floss as sutures, casually and confidently urged by people not presently needing to try it themselves, is really viable, we are not in a position to assert, not having been able to pull the thing off.  We irrigated the clean cut with sterile saline, poured in some seven percent iodine solution, and caulked it with a bead of antibiotic ointment.

Duct tape has only a moderate affinity to hide with the hair on.

All this after the farm store closes on Saturday afternoon.