Monday, April 1:

Isabel was down again.  We gave her 500 mils calcium gluconate intravenously and got her up temporarily, but she was down again in the morning.  We gave her another 500 mils — which the vet said would have been better given both at once, not a day apart — and in addition we got a bottle of CMPK  and a dose of molasses and Epsom salts down her throat, and after a few hours she was up again.  Since then she has been mobile, but droopy; she has the horizontal ears and dull stare of a cow with a secret sorrow.  And she doesn’t take interest in her grain ration.  We have dried her off and hope to keep her on her feet until the green grass comes in; if that doesn’t give her an interest in life then she is moribund indeed.

For a more detailed explanation of her treatment, see our dairy page.