wayward cows and spring gardening

Wednesday, April 10:

   Sometimes it seems as though there isn’t time to draw a breath.  Baby came up to the barn for milking the other night with a knot the size of a walnut in her right rear quarter; she would not let her milk down from that teat.  Much unrest and concern.  Next morning it was gone and she milked as usual.  On Monday Baby and Sugar got the dairy door open (question:  was it the blue heeler pup, pushing the door open from the inside at just the opportune moment, so that the cows could get their noses in?  or was the wind, very strong that day, enough to blow the door open for the poachers?). They knocked the lid off the dairy feed; again we spent an uneasy night wondering if anyone was going to bloat.  (No one did.)

   Two hundred pounds of seed potatoes, mostly Yukons and Pontiacs, in the monastery garden, and about one thousand square feet of barley as an experiment; also in the big garden at home a forty foot bed of peas, one of carrots, and another of seed onions.  Small beds of lettuce, beets, spinach – although the high tunnel, uncovered now, contains about eighty feet of spinach bed just now perfectly mature, – and onions.  This evening a blessed rain.

  It’s not just about quality of food, or quantity; even more significantly, it is about food security.

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