st. isidore

Wednesday, May 15:

   For Roman Catholics today is the feast of St. Isidore, a Spanish farmer.  He has long been a patron of our efforts, and we celebrate his day with steak fajitas and apple pie.

   After two days of cool weather we are back to temperatures approaching eighty during the day.  You can see the effect in the red-brown arms and faces of everyone whose work has had him or her out of doors.  Digging the foundation for the saw mill shed the heat drove some of the men to take off their shirts, and their native white skin was in sharp contrast to their farmers’ tan.  We who labored in the gardens instead have burned shoulders, and the backs of our necks feel sting-y.

  Today’s heat notwithstanding, the frost of Monday and Tuesday burned the emerging potatoes, some of them back to the ground; this is discouraging news, since there is a good chance they will have to be replanted.  To be on the safe side we bought another hundred pounds of seed potatoes, red and gold, before they could sell out of them at the feed store.  Even if the potatoes already planted do fine, we will probably take this opportunity to plant some more; there is no such thing as too many potatoes.

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