Wednesday, June 20:

   Milling logs for the new milking parlor.  Teaching some of the Franciscans to milk.  Collecting swarms of bees and losing swarms.  Weeding and planting and harvesting and more weeding.  Tying up tomatoes and pinching out suckers.  Moving the cows onto fresh paddocks.  Moving the steers and the sheep onto fresh paddocks.  Buying a boar and in two day having him wear all the hair off a patch six inches in diameter on our gilt’s back; piglets in September.  Managing the gravity-fed passive water systems, all seven of them.  Hatching out chicks and ducklings.  More gardening.  More moving of livestock.  Getting ready for The Wedding.  Milking and milking and milking.

   This is not the life for people who want to keep their options open from moment to moment.