Wednesday, August 21:

   Canning tomato sauce and peaches kept us up until past midnight, and threatening rain made us venture out in the dark to bring in laundry hung out this afternoon to dry.  It is getting to be difficult to step posts into the ground, so we could use the rain, but first we would like to get the hay we cut Tuesday in the bale and in the barn.  Tomorrow we have to bring in sweet corn and freeze it if we don’t want it to get starchy; three times a week there is cheese to make, filling the cabinet in the cellar with five pound rounds waxed red or black.  There is no break in the constant employment of this time of year; one thing follows another so close they overlap, and we need to bi-locate like a blessed saint to get it all done in a timely way.  The pigs glean all the waste and overflow, so they, at least, are living luxuriously.

3 thoughts on “bi-location

  1. If you figure out how to bi-locate let me know. Unfortunately I am far from a saint so I will probably have to figure out how to make do with a single location. I would love to come down and see your farm for a class next year, how far are you from Toledo?

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