Friday, August 23:

   The day has been hot and muggy, but at the monastery, high on its own ridge, a breeze turns the sweat to coolness.  The rows of beans, mangels, and turnips stand out in bold green stripes against the bare tilled earth in the big garden, and the Country Gentleman and Golden Bantam corn at the back is tasselling.  The yellow-green of the corn tells us that it is low in nitrogen and will probably bear only marginally; after harvest we will sow that area to some legume or other.  Four of the cows still need to be bred, so we have to spend some time every day at the back of the farm watching for signs of heat.  When someone gets frisky we hope we’ll see it.

   In the garden the onions have been pulled and would be drying if it hadn’t rained last night.  Tomorrow we’ll take them up and spread them on racks in the summer kitchen to finish drying.  We are freezing corn in stages, eating corn on the cob twice a day, and plying toothpicks between meals.  There are okra and squash and beets and beans, peppers and lots of tomatoes, and there are peaches, peaches, peaches.

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