Thursday, May 22, 2014:
I guess we hauled about four tons of hog and horse manure today and spread it on the new garden where the field corn and sunflowers are going to be planted. We borrowed the Sisters’ Kubota to lad the truck, which sped up the process considerably, but we still had to unload with shovels at the garden. We didn’t want to drive on the cultivated soil, so we just flung the manure as far into the garden as we could, and about half of the area got covered with a good inch or so of black, sticky (because it was wet) half-composted manure. This part of the garden was only brought into cultivation this year, and we don’t expect much from its first year in corn, but the manure will be a big help. So will the worms. We only finished the fifth load just in time to milk the cows, shower, and get out the door to a pasture walk (thank you, Eastern Ohio Grazing Council) out in Harrison County. Beautiful hills covered with bluegrass and crimson clover.