Mad as March hares around here.  The run-in shed is ready for winter, but the ram pump will have to wait until next summer.  God help us when cold weather comes, but if we survived last winter we can this.

Our presentations at the Mother Earth News fair in Seven Springs, PA, were very well received; we taught a session on making artisan-quality bread with home-ground meal, and another on small-scale rotational grazing for beginners.  We also met with the publishers who are looking at our book; we hope to be able to announce a contract one day soon.

The mangel-wurzels have given us at least six hundred pounds in thinnings, and will give us well over a ton of fodder for the pigs when we harvest this October.  The legumes planted for nitrogen and pig fodder are already feeding six pigs half their daily rations; after Thanksgiving there will only be Porca and He-man and their new litter to feed.  Turnips and heirloom corn are growing now for winter food as well.

The cows are drowning us in milk; we now have shares available by contract.  If you are looking for raw milk in east central Ohio, check out Two Sisters Creamery for more information