The early cold spell caught us by surprise.  Nine degrees fahrenheit on 18 November is on the chilly side; a week of low temperatures is unusual.  God knows what the winter will be like; we don’t.  The turnips are still in the ground, and there are pintos still to be pulled before really cold weather makes the bean pods split and curl, dropping the beans we want for winter soups and refrieds where they will do no good.  We are supposed to see some warmer weather over the next week, and we will have to scramble.

The six-months heifer with the cough is recovered now.  We put her in a quiet pen with green grass, a straw-lined loose box, and no competition, and within a few days the spring was back in her step.  We’ll take her back to the dry cows’ paddock as soon as we fix the tailgate on the pickup truck.

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    1. Our spring tanks are still running, but we are having to fill the black tanks with hose water, and run tank heaters. Ugh — have you noticed what those cost to run? the one in our big barn is practically the only thing running down there, and I think we were paying about thirty bucks a month more than normal — i.e, about a dollar a day. There has to be a better way — perpetually running spring or ram pump water sounds best to us. But with our trees and rocky soil, burying seven hundred feet of pipe three feet in the ground is no small job — nine degrees in the dairy on Wednesday morning — Beth

      Shawn and Beth Dougherty The Sow’s Ear

      1. I hear you on running water lines, i also carry water in buckets (when i cannot use the hoses) from the house, twice a day for five cows.. and have LOVELY arms! I have seen plans with insulation around the tanks.. have you tried that?, insulation, then chip board.. i am going to try one. just to see.. but with such low temps i would be afraid to go without the d-icer.

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