rotational grazing workshops

Sharing our grass-based family farm systems with other interested people is always a pleasure for us.  Saturday, January 10, a dozen people braved below-zero temperatures to attend our full-day sustainable  homesteading/ rotational grazing seminar sponsored by the Shepherd’s Bridge in Deersfield, Ohio, where we spent six hours sharing farming experiences and some delicious home-cooked foods.  Attendees included people of all levels of information, from no farming experience at all, to a couple of dairy farmers and a professional greenhouse grower; but low-input integrated farming is becoming important to a wide public, making our workshop days some of the most interesting we spend.  We look forward to the OEFFA conference in February, when we will present on grass-based homesteading, focusing on rotational grazing and the family dairy cow, and to the summer, when we will host several on-farm seminars and farm tours.  See out 2015 schedule for more information on our summer courses.

3 thoughts on “rotational grazing workshops

  1. Shawn and Beth, We so enjoyed having you up to the Shepherd’s Bridge. Everyone enjoyed the presentation. We hope to have you back again in warmer weather. Meanwhile, hope to see you at OEFFA. God Bless You!

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