spring food

In the dry cellar there are only four cheeses, three ropes of onions and a couple of bundles of garlic.  The green spring grass will be our food now; with the lactating cows giving more milk, we can start again to fill the cheese cave with our signature cheeses, Appalachia, Franciscan and Paysano.  Now there will be milk for mozzarella and ricotta; the hens are laying and there is spinach in the garden, so spanakopita will be back on the menu, and quiche with good pork sausage, or bacon —

There are only three hundred pounds of potatoes in the root cellar, half of which has immediately to be used for seed.  We will fire up the oven and eat more pizza and less hash for a few months, until July at least —

and if the nettles at the bottom of the pasture will grow, we can have cooked greens and ramps.

10 thoughts on “spring food

      1. Add fresh picked young leaves to stock (chicken, pork, whatever stock you like)along with cubed potatoes, boil for a bit, blend and serve with chopped hardboiled eggs. A big handful of sorrel per four people. It has a kind of sour taste, so the more you add the more the flavour comes through. I was surprised how nice it was when we first made it. Even better, we have all the ingredients to hand 🙂

  1. I’ll take a photo and send on, but the leaves are spear shaped, the flowers are from a central spike which red is colour, but that’s not for some time yet. Of course we could be picking a weed 🙂

  2. Ah — a little research reveal that my sorrel is creeping wood sorrel, a species of Oxalis; yours is a species of Rumex, which includes dock. I think we have sheep’s sorrel (a Rumex) as a weed around here, and I intend to try it — with caution — to see if it is sour and therefore presumably edible —
    and today I saw the nettles coming up, so they’ll be in the diet —

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