pig forage

The hens in the coupe went to the back of the farm this morning so they won’t be getting into the garden for a while.  Only half of the potatoes are in yet, a testimony to the lateness of the spring.  If it doesn’t rain for two days, we’ll put the rest of the seed potatoes in on Monday.  The new potato patch is just plowed sod, so we aren’t expecting a boom harvest, but you have to put something in to break the sod.

About thirty pounds of harvested clover went to the five feeder pigs today, and should have been shared out in two feedings; they ate more than half, but walked all over the rest.  Waste of good forage.  The clover was harvested off one of the paths between beds in the garden, where it serves several purposes — living mulch, nitrogen fixation, and pig forage.  We just crawl down the path pulling tops with both hands; when we’re done it looks roughly mowed.

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