This time of year chores take longer, with bigger paddocks and faster moves, and we spent three hours around milking time moving fence, examining pasture conditions, and switching water systems from one side of the road to the other.  Setting posts for the lactating cows’ new paddock I almost stepped on a little grey and white creature about the size of a walnut, a tiny killdeer just three days out of the shell.  What he was doing in the orchard when the rest of the family was behind the monastery I could only guess, but the wind was blustery in the extreme today, and I would guess he was just blown over there.  I marked him with a post so Shawn wouldn’t step on him, and when the paddock was built took him in my cupped hands (I could have held four in the same space) and carried him up the hill.  Pretty soon one of the parent killdeer heard his little peeps; I couldn’t see the adult at first, only hear its replies.  In the short grass near their nesting site I set down my little baby and backed off.  Mama (Papa?) made short dashes toward the place where the baby peeps were coming from, and came away with a tiny shadow.

Mission accomplished.