crows; rain

The crows are after the corn again.  Those green monocot seedlings must look like flags to them, each one waving an invitation to come pull it up and gobble the malted grain from which it sprouted.  How to outwit them?  They see us coming and row them softly homeward, or at least to the dead snag at the wood’s edge, where the sit and wait for us to leave.  Our neighbor up the road recommends shooting several and hanging them in the garden as a warning to others, a method which promises a certain satisfaction whether it works or not.  The twenty-gauge is in the farm vehicle, just waiting for a chance.  Too bad the turkey hen which has been visiting the corn patch isn’t fair game as well.

Texas is getting too much rain too fast, rain we wish it would send up our way; although we have seen a little rain each week, it seems to us well below average, and the ground is getting hard for driving step-in posts.

3 thoughts on “crows; rain

  1. We are forever tested by nature! It has only just started to warm up for a longer period of time here and the first cut of hay was yesterday. No doubt we will have thunder storms all week to prevent it from drying!

    1. we are supposed to start cutting tomorrow afternoon (the sabbath is sacrosanct, and besides, it’s raining).  Some chances of rain on Friday, but one can’t help wondering if cutting hay is like leaving your umbrella home if you’re English — isn’t that supposed to be a guarantee that it will rain?  Shawn and Beth Dougherty The Sow’s Ear

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