bad cow goes to market

All evening I have felt the tension going out of me like the air out of a punctured tire; we have decided to take Sweetheart, a misnomer if ever there was one, to market in the morning.  Hallelujah and glory be.  That black-and-white besom has nearly kicked the snot out of me a hundred times, and better to get a check for her than to make copays because she puts me in the hospital.  Anything on four legs that eats grass is bringing good money right now, and maybe someone with a surge milker can use a fifty-pounds-a-day second calf heifer who is just too unpredictable for someone sitting next to her back right leg on an upturned bucket.

Enough is enough.

I feel terrific.

3 thoughts on “bad cow goes to market

  1. Sweet relief! Often its the decision making that wears me out, once things are decided upon, the rest is smooth(er) sailing.

  2. When Josh Holmes was a young teenager, he helped my father milk a cow named Lou. Lou had a calf named Little Lou. When my father said Little Lou would be eaten some day, Josh was very sad. Then Little Lou grew big. She enjoyed kicking Josh, shoving him around and misbehaving in other ways. One day Josh came home and said, “I can eat Little Lou anytime you are ready!” To this day he says that was the best hamburger ever!!!

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