With all the rain this summer, the potato vines are still mostly green, but we have to get them out of the garden to make way for the green manure crops that will follow, pinto beans where the weeds are under control, oats and field peas where we need to smother crab grass and gallinsoga.  So the last two mornings, to take advantage of the rain on Monday, we have been digging potatoes.  We put in about one hundred fifty pounds of seed potatoes, which translates to some two thousand row feet or so, all in poor soil or sod, so it should come as no surprise that our harvest is modest — maybe fifteen hundred pounds, tops.  Still, you have to bust sod with something, and we needed to put the corn elsewhere.  We are satisfied; our annual potato consumption is about one hundred fifty pounds per person, so our crop will cover it.

Still romancing the cows as they come open; Honey cycled back, so we had another go, while Poppy is playing her cards close to her chest, and since she is lead cow now that Baby is with the dry cows, we may have a hard time telling when she goes into heat.  We find we really like the broad spread of calving dates, since it means that cows freshen over a long period.