So that heifer we pulled the calf for did very well, and nursed her baby like a champion, besides putting pounds and pounds in the bucket, but about day three we noticed, idly, that her labia were not tightening up terribly quickly, and on day five (some us think in slow motion) it occurred to us that her bum looked just a little sore.  Investigation changed that to a LOT sore, in fact, nasty looking, abraded, maybe torn, in three places, and quite infected.  Well, what would you expect from a battered bottom the flies and manure had been on?  This was on a Friday, and I was all for calling the vet and in quite a dither, but calmer counsels prevailed and we made a trip to the dollar store instead.  Hydrogen peroxide comes in a peri (squirt) bottle and those tubes of triple antibiotic ointment are like they were made to order for anointing a cow’s posterior.  Twice daily we squirted where it seemed to do the most good, and gave her a good squeeze of 3-A as well, and by Monday morning she looked like a new cow, at least from certain angles.  In a week’s time she was all better, and we had one more experience to chalk up on the board headed “Learning”.