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We had a fabulous intern experience over Christmas when Molly J. came and worked with us for a couple of weeks.  We’d love to have her back; she integrated seamlessly, even with thirteen other people in the house (on a quiet day) not to mention things with fur.  The high tunnel finally got weeded; now if only the voles would meet a hungry snake.  The salami we made while Molly was here is hanging  in the dry cave (temp around fifty, humidity seventy-something) to cure, and we hope she’s coming back to try it with us.

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hay and stockpile

The lactating cows are getting over to some thin forage stockpiled last summer, when the long delay of the fall rains kept the cool season grasses from filling in as they should, so we carried down a bale to spread on their paddock for supplement and were nearly mobbed — then they girls turned from the sweet hay and left it sitting there until they’d gorged on the stockpiled forage.  Guess it really is better cured standing than as hay.

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The  bear tracks behind the pig pen won’t disturb our thoughts any longer, all four pigs are hanging from the rafters in Barry’s barn.  Tomorrow and the next day we’ll cut and wrap, all except the sides and hams; let’s hope the bear doesn’t know where Barry keeps the spare key.

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