warm weather

This unseasonably warm weather has us uncertain whether to tap the  maple trees or wait until later in February.  In our valley it takes pretty warm daytime temperatures to get the sap rising, except in one or two places with several hours of easterly or southerly exposure, but if we wait too long the sap will get dark and ‘buddy’, and make a bitter syrup.

3 thoughts on “warm weather

  1. Tap them! I worked for a professional operation (65,000 taps) in New York where tapping began in early January. Taps will remain open long enough: if the weather is warm they will close in 8 weeks, but if the weather is warm they will have been running the whole time, so you get all that syrup. If the weather is cold it takes longer for them to close, and they’ll still be open for the last run in April. Especially around here, and this year, I would think the syrup will start to taste leafy by April 1. I know at least one farmer who has tapped trees in Hopedale and has already done a boil.

  2. We tapped our trees yesterday. Had half a gallon of sap within a few hrs of tapping. Don’t expect much for the rest of the week, but am ready when the temps rise again. Blessings on you for the OEFFA presentation. We were at PASA last weekend. Had a great time.

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