Saturday we drove to Mt. Vernon, Ohio, to take custody of our new — if miniscule — poultry yard breeding stock:  two dozen chicks of a breed called ‘Buckeye’, Ohio natives, and fifteen Silver Appleyard ducklings, from Jordan River Farm, a Sustainable Poultry Network member farm owned by Nathan and Jodi Obardier.  Our concerns about GMO-fed poultry and infertility have prompted us to seek out organic breeding stock; now we’ll know where our babies come from, and with the Obardiers and the SPN for resources, we hope to breed for excellence.  Wish us luck!chicks1week

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  1. It’s indefensible, but so far we’ve done the CRX thing! It makes no sense to raise for food an animal as incapable of its own survival as the CRX, and we make no excuses for it, except we hate raising meat birds so we do it the fastest way we know. Hopefully the Buckeyes will replace them within a year or two; we hope to be raising breeding stock as well as layers, so there should be lots of extra cockerels.
    pax et bonum!

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