Yes, really.  AKA silver beets or fodder beets, these are very large, white-fleshed beets usually but not always raised for animal food.  We put in one-tenth of an acre, and in a good year we get 3,000 pounds or so (a poor yield, actually, but our hilltop soil is still in the early stages of improvement).  In a bad year we have gotten almost nothing, and there are bad years sometimes.mangels

This year we have root cellared upward of a ton and a half of this choice pig food.  Fed at the rate of about thirty pounds a day to our sow, or somewhat less to the half-grown feeder hogs, along with fairly good hay and some dairy waste (skim, buttermilk or whey), this year’s harvest should provide 120 – 180 pig-days.  You don’t feed out mangels until January (there’s some compound in them that causes scours if you offer them too early).  Until then we’ll be putting out cull winter squash, what corn the turkeys and deer have left us, garden forage (we missed a lot of the pintos), hay and dairy waste.

Happy pigs.