Toss a half-burned stick in the pigpen and watch them chomp on it.  Amazing; books of animal husbandry written before 1940 take it for granted that everyone knows to feed pigs charcoal.  System cleanser and GI tract detox, and maybe other unidentified benefits.

Assuming that we understand natural systems and can therefore develop artificial replacements is like a two-year-old who watches Mama take notes during a phone conversation.  When she leaves the room, he lifts the receiver, babbles into the mouthpiece, and smears marker over his mother’s careful script.  No telling how important the information was, but it’s gone now.  Hopefully nature’s redundancy will give us a follow-up call.he home pigs

One thought on “charcoal

  1. I was amazed to see or pigs eating coal that they had found (dug up) in the foundations and a building long since taken by nature, they chomped away happily whilst I checked on the internet to make sure they weren’t going to drop dead as a result of this carbon snack.
    I found a study from the university of Krakow from the 1970’s which considered the possibility of feeding pigs coal and then burning the digested waste! How much calorific value would be lost?
    I never read anymore, safe in the knowledge that my pigs would survive, but when I find it again on another internet trawl then I’ll let you know the results 🙂

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