winter conferences

Like NOFA/Mass, a conference we are very much looking forward to.  Sarah Flack will be there to present on intensive grazing (see her excellent book from CGP, The Art and Science of Grazing), and Darryl Benjamin will be examining the addition of nanoparticles into the food system (yes, really!), and a class on draft oxen by Sophie Courser, to mention only three interesting offerings.  Not to mention yours truly, on decreasing the feed bill and feeding the farm from the farm.  Check out course offerings at .

2 thoughts on “winter conferences

  1. I found your presentation at this Conference very intriguing as you farm much as we do, and had such good ideas about how to do things well but cheaply.

    I ordered your book from the library when I got home and have been enjoying it. Today I read Pig Butchering 101 with delight and laughter. :)) If I can find a way, I’m planning to purchase this book!

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