We took a trial run down to Asheville for a workshop on bionutrients by Dan Kittredge at Living Web Farms.  It was wonderful, and the little city of Asheville is one of the most beautifully situated we have ever seen, very much at home in its mountains.  We’re looking forward to going back in two weeks to speak at the Mother Earth News Fair, May 6-7, on rotational grazing and regenerating abused land.  Hope to see you there — #MENF!babybull1These are season-appropriate topics, we think, as we move animals over the gorgeous new green grass and marvel at how much the land has improved since we first began intensively grazing what was then some much-eroded, compacted, weed- and briar-infested rock and clay hillside.   Delphinium, our five-year-old Jersey-Ayershire cross, calved last week, a lovely little red bull, so now we have milk for cheese making — just in time, too, as there are only two more seven-pound goudas left from the fall cheese-making last year.