sheep and japanese knotweed #MENF

IMG_5287[1]How much of Appalachia is disappearing under our up to eight-foot-tall invasive species, Japanese knotweed?  Known locally as ‘river weed’, this one moves in wherever there is bare ground in mixed sunlight and shade.  It spreads by means of underground stems like octopus tentacles, and its vigor has to be seen to be believed.  We’re supposed to fight it with bulldozers and herbicides, but our Katahdins love the stuff.  Look where they were grazing last week:IMG_5283[1]

several passes this summer with the sheep should start this bank filling in with grass . . .

2 thoughts on “sheep and japanese knotweed #MENF

  1. We get lots of ‘Policeman’s Helmet’ (Impatiens glandulifera) which nothing seems to eat, although its not as destructive as the knotweed it still spreads like wildfire. I might have to borrow a few sheep from someone!

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