Diversity pays off in different ways.  Not everything we grow “makes” (matures to harvest) every year.  By September we are beginning to know what the storage cellars will be offering us this winter — to know what “made” and what didn’t.  IMG_5586[1]

This year will be remembered for its two biggest projects:  a wedding — two, actually — and a home salvage (two wrecked houses turned into one good one).  It will not be remembered as an organized garden year.  Nevertheless, we’ve seen good harvests in a number of crops, including apples.  With almost 90 quarts of applesauce in the cellar, 40 quarts of apple slices, and dozens of quarts of dried apple pieces, we move on to the cider making:IMG_5609[1]

imperfect fruit, shredded (crushed would be better) and juiced:IMG_5620[1]

and now bottled, to harden for a week or so before we enjoy it.  These bottles are a little too full — we’ll pour some off after 24 hours, for tasting and to leave room for the rest of the cider to ‘work’.IMG_5656[1]