img_0009Moving young pigs from the white barn to the big barn; aren’t these wild piggies?  Twice-a-day meal delivery makes these guys very friendly.

Spent last week north of Lake Erie and a stone’s throw from Huron, enjoying the wonderful hospitality and friendship of our brethren to the north, the vibrant community of natural farmers who are stewarding the soil in Ontario.  We were invited as guest speakers for their annual conference at Blue Mountain Resort, a sort of model Alpine village ski resort, packed when there is snow on the ground but wonderfully hospitable to a few hundred farmers in the end of the off-season.  The caliber of farming, and of commitment to going forward as better and better farmers, was really impressive, as is their camaraderie and fellowship that recognizes differences in practice but doesn’t allow them to be divisions in community.  Great folks.  U.S. farmers, check out what’s going on north of the Lake; it’s not so far as all that, and really good to know our brothers-in-the-soil are doing such a fabulous job up there.  Thanks, EFAO, for letting us in on the fun, and for our new-found friendships!