6 thoughts on “rendering lard

    1. If it’s sealed up when it’s hot, it keeps just fine, at least for the six months or so that it takes us to go through it. When we butcher with/for other people, then we let the lard cool, plop it on butcher paper, wrap and tape it and stick it in the freezer. Our friend Barry just puts it in a lard can in his extra refrigerator and it does fin in there, too.

  1. Oh, for a larder! Yes, she was big: we would have butchered her earlier, but we don’t slaughter hogs until we have replacements (a farm always needs hogs to eat the waste/surplus, doesn’t it?) and our usual source for piglets hit a glitch in August — we had to wait until Oct to get four babies, and by then this gilt and her roommate were getting pretty big. All to the good, we love pork and lard, and if the chops are 14 oz. to a pound, well, somehow we manage to eat them anyway!

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