Behold our wonderful butter paddle, replacing the wooden spoon we have used heretofore:  IMG_5835We are beholden to our friend Jake at Riverwood Trading Co. for this custom paddle. He had us draw him an outline on the back of his schedule for the Mother Earth News Fair in Burlington, VT, where he and his beautiful partner Desiree kept busy for three days selling all kinds of wooden kitchen implements, then went home and made a bunch of them, brought them to the KS fair and let me handle them all and determine which fit my hand best.  All the dairywomen in the house prefer it to anything we’ve used before; we refer you to Riverwood if you think it looks like it would work for you.  Jake and Des own Fallen Aspen farm in western PA, where they raise pastured pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and rabbits, and with Jake’s parents Gregg and Deb Kristophel operate the Trading Co.  Look them up!