5 thoughts on “online class and eggs

  1. Sorry to have missed you! We’ve been here in AVL since April 12; heading to Sville Sunday for a short stop then on home to CT on Thursday.



  2. Shawn and Beth, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your willingness to share your acquired wisdom. I have been subscribed to Living Web Farms on Youtube in order to learn as much as possible while building our farmstead. Your talk there inspired me greatly, and my poor husband has heard me talk about it non-stop. What you are working toward, and doing, is exactly what we are trying to do with and for our family. I felt a vast amount of peace listening to you speak, as you simplified what can be complicated to the point of confusion on so many aspects of building a farmstead, in a very realistic and orderly way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. Your mixture of humility, awe for God’s creation, and efforts to reassure people that this can be done, and done inexpensively if one is willing to work, resonated deeply in my heart. When the budget allows, I hope to purchase your book, and until then will have to be content with reading through your blog, and watching for future installments of the series that Living Web Farms has created of your talk there. Thank you again!!!

    1. We’re so glad you found it helpful! We’re certain there are many people who want food security in a natural farming setting, and it’s gratifying to know when we’ve connected with one!

  3. Great stuff, very inspiring and so much of it resonates with what we are trying to do here. If only I had listened to some of your advice 5 years ago 🙂
    As for goats, they are the saviour of any farmstead, especially once you have The Art of Natural Cheese Making on your book shelf, I must thank you for that recommendation 🙂 I think Shawn needs to give them another go:)
    Looking forward to watching part 2 later in the day.

  4. I have to say that Eddie and Gosia are inspirations to us, examples of what is beautiful and possible. We don’t need experts, we need example and encouragement. — like what we get from David Asher in the realm of cheese making.
    And I’ll make sure Shawn sees that comment about the goats!

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