green manure and chickens

Chicken tractors moving over a green manure of small grains and daikon radish.  The short duration impact (12 – 24 hours) means the plants recover quickly and we get a second pass.  When winter really sets in, the radish and oats will die, but the wheat keeps going even under the snow, and will require heavy grazing to eradicate it in spring.

3 thoughts on “green manure and chickens

  1. Hi Shawn, I received your reply to the above post and I replied, but the few emails I have sent haven’t been returned so I guess they are getting caught in spam or something. Can you to get back to me again?

    My wife and I are very interested in upcoming classes over the next year as well as possibly scheduling a visit, possibly even doing some volunteer work to exchange our labor for some hands-on education.

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