drawing blood — sometimes

We brought the dry cows across the lane and did pregnancy tests before they were moved to the back pasture.  It was the first time for any of us for drawing blood samples from a cow’s tail; these are the tubes we messed up on.

2 thoughts on “drawing blood — sometimes

  1. I’ve pulled some blood this year, my 1st time also. I’ve done about 15 and am still not much better at it. No vet available and no-one to help either:(
    There happens to be a lab within a couple of hours from me and I prefer to hand deliver. It sure is nice to know for sure if they are bred or open. Which I’ve had mixed results. Just found out my only Jersey who has acted so bred is indeed open so here we go again:)
    Enjoy your site!

    1. Discouraging how they do that, isn’t it? We kept back a Jersey/Dexter cross bull calf last year, and he’s been our cleanup bull, but he’s a short little guy. Hope he’s scoring! Thank goodness for the blood tests, they’ll end up saving us about $200. I’ll still use the vet, but not for all 10 preg checks — they really add up!

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