battening the hatches

Although the forecast only takes the temperature down to 36F tonight, we pulled out the high tunnel cover after chores and got it up.  No sense taking chances.  We don’t want to put the winter squash  in the dry cave until we catch the mouse we know is in there, so we just covered the squash with a tarp; that will be enough protection even if it does frost.

2 thoughts on “battening the hatches

  1. Are you using gauzey curtains? Row cover has such a short life, especially with the winter wind we get in the blue ridge. I’ve been hesitant to buy any more, but maybe I ought to start looking in thrift stores for something like this!

    1. We just put the plastic cover on last night (and a good thing, too, because it did frost!). We’ll put the row cover on when it drops down below ten degrees or so. Row cover does deteriorate, so sheer curtains or old, thin bed sheets recommend themselves to us, too, so long as they let most of the light through.

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