Fall Workshops filling up


Our November workshops are filling up fast, but there are still a few places open for both the 10th (adults only) and the 17th (family day).  A whole day of hands-on intensive rotational grazing, fence, dairy, captured water systems, farm fertility, and non-GM animal feed crops.  Check out our schedule here and contact us to hold your space!

2 thoughts on “Fall Workshops filling up

  1. Hello! Purchased your book a while back. Wonderful resource!! I do have a question. Just getting the farm up off the ground in arid Northern California. Zero irrigation available. Only a poor well that can only be used for drinking water. Can graze livestock from Feb-May only. Any recommended reading for somebody trying to graze in arid regions? I’ve had zero luck browsing online. Thanks!

    1. Well, the first thing we think of is Alan Savory’s Holistic Management, but it’s a longish read. I’d check out videos online from Gabe Brown in North Dakota, and I’d go to the Savory Institute’s site online and see what references they have — grazing in places with wet and dry seasons (‘brittle’ environments) is their priority (because it’s the most demanding situation). Delve into it a bit, this is why A.S. invented his method. And thanks for the kudos! Let us know how it goes. The best of luck!

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