processing and storing mangel-wurzels


Topping mangels in the field.  Topped roots are bagged in used feed sacks and go into the root cellar for a few weeks of aging, after which they are more easily digestible.  The tops will be fed out to the pigs over the next couple of weeks, providing a valuable element of green food in these late fall days.

IMG_8905 (1)

2 thoughts on “processing and storing mangel-wurzels

  1. Mangels are just really big beets. That means they’re bienniels and set seed the second year. Just save some of the ones in the root cellar (reason would suggest saving the best ones, assuming they are best suited to your soil, climate, and methods) and replant in spring. They’ll flower (like a table beet or a carrot would) and set seed. I would separate them from my other beets, chard, etc, in case of cross pollination.
    Good luck!

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