what pigs eat

cropped-piggies1.jpgPigs eat sticks.  We don’t just mean the charred wood you shove in their pen so they can eat the charcoal, we mean sticks, like tree prunings.  They don’t just chew them, they chew, munch and swallow them.  A young farmer* who visited us last week told us of this predilection which she had observed in her own pigs, and, lest we fail to credit her report, demonstrated by feeding a bunch of apple prunings to four porkers in our barn.  You’d have thought Catherine had given them carrots, or corn, instead of sticks; they didn’t just chew the sticks up, they gobbled them. Who knows what dietary need they were satisfying?  And simultaneously composting prunings that might otherwise breed a new season of disease or pest for our apple trees.  We never cease to be fascinated by the myriad levels of significance in nature, observation of which allows humans to enter into and partake of the harmony.  Thank God, too, for the engagement of so many young farmers who are interacting and observing and drawing new conclusions; the future of farming is in good hands.(*Catherine is four years old.)


One thought on “what pigs eat

  1. I still remember when I discovered our pigs eating coal, they had dug some up around the ruins of an old house, only then to read that Krakow University had done a study in the 70’s regarding the carbon crunching habits of the porcine population and the possibility of then burning what came out of the other end!
    Similar to your experience our pigs also like to munch on willow, which I only noticed as the tussled with the goats for the daily portion. Kindling perhaps? 🙂

    Hope all is well? It looks like I have missed a few of your posts recently, looking forward to catching up.

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