The Sow’s Ear Farm and Pottery invites you to join us for a

Winter Cheese Workshop

January 19, 2019

(limit 6 attendees per workshop)

Raw Milk Cheese Craft

Raw milk — from Grass to Gouda

Spend a full day with Beth and Shawn, farmers and natural cheese makers of twenty years experience, on the farm and in the kitchen at the Sow’s Ear — where cows and milk are the foundation of the farm diet. Enjoy ten hours of small-group instruction, conversation, and hands-on experience making fresh and fermented milk foods from raw, all-grass derived Jersey milk.  Ours are simple, home-farm methods — no special tools, no finicking instructions, no purchased cultures — just fresh, raw milk, rennet, salt, and a thermometer.  Learn to preserve your own milk harvest, and take home dairy ferments to share with your family!


  • making and aging raw milk cheeses in the home dairy
  • milk production and handling
  • home dairy management
  • intensive grazing and bovine nutrition for the small farmer

Schedule (5:30am – 3:30pm)

  • meet and greet the cows – join us for the morning milking at 5:30am(-can’t face the early morning milking? Arrange to spend Friday night in our beautiful guest house and you can come along for the Friday late afternoon milking – 4:00pm. Then sleep in on Saturday and join us at breakfast time for a full day of cheese making!)
  • make natural-culture gouda, mozzarella, and cream cheeses; churn butter, and set yogurt
  • ten hours of instruction, hands-on, and conversation
  • two delicious farm-raised meals

Attendance: $125/person; $200/couple

(limit 6 attendees, for lots of hands-on and one-on-one)

guest house overnight stay (optional): $35/person, $50/couple

email us at or call 740-537-5178 to reserve your place with a $50 deposit

Got Raw Milk? This workshop is designed to make you comfortable turning delicious, nutritious raw milk into food for today, tomorrow, and the whole year. No special tools or cultures – raw milk is the safest, most versatile food on the farm. Probiotic, rich in proteins and fats, milk gives us yesterday’s sunshine in today’s food — learn to store it and you feed the farm and the family year-round. When you eat all-grass dairy, yesterday’s sunlight is today’s dinner!