cow condition on winter stockpile

We’re pretty happy with how our cows thrive on stockpiled forage, and these pictures show why.  Thick coats, well-padded hip bones, calm, contented demeanor — these are happy cows.  Note that these animals have spent the entire winter out in the pasture, with no supplementation except minerals, eating standing forage saved since last July/August, the only exception being a few days when there was so much ice on the snow that we fed square bales in the pasture.

6 thoughts on “cow condition on winter stockpile

  1. Thanks for this post. The photos of the “Foraged stockpile” helps to see exactly what you are talking about and what the grass looks like from being passed over for those months.

    We signed up for your workshop (on this subject) at the Homesteaders Conference of America. Can’t wait! October will be here before we know it. Hopefully, we’ll be moved to a new property by then and will be able to really start applying what we learn from you both!

  2. Saved or ‘stockpiled’ forage is mature pasture left ungrazed, then offered in the winter. Much better quality than hay, which loses much of its nutrition in the making and storing.

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