This comment on our  post on chicken feed is too interesting to miss.  Eddy and Gosia live in Poland.


Gosia’s family still feed the chickens on boiled potatoes. They collect all the too small and damaged potatoes at harvest and that’s the feed for the year. Add a bit of wheat that they grow collectively with the extended family of aunts and uncles and the bulk of the diet is taken care of. The flour mills in the area also give you the husk of anything that you happen to mill and the scraps from the table and garden are ready fodder and fill any gaps in the diet and of course all chickens are free range here, which I’m reminded of every morning as I take the kids to school and pass house after house with chickens scratching around at the side of the road.
Cost to feed, zero, just a little time. And they look after a flock of about twenty, which provides eggs for three families, including ours.
From a numbers point of view:  8-week old birds cost $3 and eggs can be sold for around 25c and chicken soup is the national dish, served every Sunday before lunch 🙂

Thank you, Eddy and Gosia!