Demonizing raw milk is the single most direct way we can think of to enact Food Enslavement.  Dangerous?  Unhealthful?  Poison?  Dear Heavens, if clean raw milk is bad for you, then fresh bread, motherhood and apple pie must be truly toxic.  What is milk but the perfect food for the most vulnerable and highest-nutritional-needs of beings: baby mammals?

Milk is the complete super-food, and it comes with its own lifetime guarantee.  The magic of milk is in the fact that it comes preinoculated with the probiotics that make it safer to eat, the longer it ferments.  Ask the USDA about that one:  raw milk will kill you, they say, but raw milk ferments are safe to eat after 60 days.  And you can forget the idea that making milk ferments is difficult, complicated, or requires purchased ingredients;  clean raw milk is good to eat or drink at whatever stage, in whatever form — fresh, clabber, buttermilk, whey, skim milk, yogurt, paneer, cottage cheese, hard cheese — so home dairy management is just a matter of knowing which of the farm’s species can make the best use of each product.  On the farm, EVERYONE likes raw milk!