So, lesson one in the Corona-Induced Homesteading Movement seminar on Food Independence on a Shoestring:

Grass and Cowscropped-cows-in-high-grass.jpg

Remember, all life energy, all food, is sunlight, and you, lacking chloroplasts, cannot photosynthesize.  Plants photosynthesize, and you can eat many kinds of plants, which is nice and provides energy and vitamins; but for high quality proteins and abundant fats, plant-eating animals are a great big help.  Especially grazing animals; especially grazing animals that make milk.  Lactating ruminants (in other words, dairy cows, or goats, or sheep) are the key to turning your local daily allotment of sunlight into twice-daily gallons of the most nutritionally available, naturally probiotic and delicious food on the planet.

A single cow, in a single lactation, makes enough milk to feed her calf, and your family, and some chickens, and a pig, with something left over to fertilize the garden.

How could we improve upon that?  Maybe by telling you that all this can happen on just a few acres of grass.  How few?  Maybe five — maybe four — maybe three, or even two.  But where is this grass, and how can we get some?  We’ll pick up that question in our next post.